Brito Capelo

Location: Rua Brito Capelo, 1004, Matosinhos, Portugal
Date: 2018
Gross Area: 119 m2

Briefing: Remodel the common areas and bathrooms of a 3 bedroom apartment; connect in a more direct way the kitchen space with the living and dining areas; emphasize the sense of continuity between all the spaces of the flat.

Intervention: Our approach was directly influenced by the very clear program given to us by the client and also by the extremely tight deadline for completion of the work. The main idea was to integrate the kitchen in the less obtrusive way in a common free flowing space that could also be, if needed, hidden from view while still being able to operate independently. So, besides strategically locating the major appliances (oven, microwave oven, refrigerator, dishwasher) out of sight, there are three floor to ceiling sliding panels that regulate the use of space as intended at each moment, more open/connected or more closed/separated. The choice of colours and materials (black and wood) also helps dissimulate the more technical aspects of food preparation and household handle. In order to accentuate the sense of spatial flow the wooden floor was extended to all the spaces of the house, including the laundry room and all the bathrooms achieving a seamless effect throughout the space.